Grandeur View Bitters

Millcreek, Utah

Our artisan aromatic bitters are super concentrated and have no added water. Not only are they strong, they are shelf stable.


Available locally at The Neighborhood Hive located at 2065 E 2100 S in Salt Lake City, UT or online.


IWSCS 95 point gold star rating

Grandeur View Bitters Grapefruit Complex was awarded 2022 International Wine & Spirit Competition Ltd (IWSC) 95 point gold star rating.

USA Spirits 82 point silver rating

Grandeur View Bitters Gooseberry Armageddon was awarded 2022 USA Spirits 82 point silver rating.

True small batches made with love

Grandeur View Bitters are produced in a commissary (ghost kitchen) in Salt Lake City and are managed and distributed from our home in Millcreek (Salt Lake County), Utah.

We make specialized small-batch bitters for cocktail connoisseurs and other food or drink artisans.

Each bitter flavor is created by infusing various herbs, spices, and fruits in an alcohol solvent, typically for 30 days. This draws out as much flavor as possible. They are then double filtered and aged in clay pots. This gives them superior taste.

For those who are new to bitters, their purpose is to enhance the taste of a cocktail or other drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, by adding a few drops at a time. They can also be used to flavor foods. Recipe ideas are included with every order placed.